LA EVENTS: LA Street Food Fest

Support Black Business At This Event!

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I love food, and lately, my city has exploded into food truck frenzy. There have always been taco and hamburger trucks around this city since I was a kid, but in the last year gourmet food truck businesses have taken the city by storm. From Korean BBQ tacos to homemade ice cream sandwiches, these trucks offer a lot more than you’ll find in any shopping center or mall food court. Furthermore, food truck owners are building relationships and setting up shop in groups to give local restaurants a run for their money.

If you don’t have the time to chase these trucks down to sample their wares, you are in luck! On Saturday, July 24th be in attendance to the LA Street Food Fest. This event will take place at the Pasadena Rose Bowl from 5:30 -9pm. There are over 60 vendors participating; feel free to purchase items from vendors individually or pay $45 and sample something from every vendor. Did I mention there’s a tequila truck too? Epic score!

While there, check out the Comfort Truck owned and operated by Chef Brian Hill, celebrity chef to the stars. Support this brotha in his new business endeavor.

See you there!

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