It Still Takes A Village to Raise A Child

In My Opinion

Recently I was going through my timeline on Twitter and a friend retweeted this tweet: “We as men are quick to call women bitches, sluts, and hoes, but as men we are really to blame. When we lie to women, make them love us, and share a part of themselves they can never get back, then we take that love, abuse it, and use them until there is no more love in them. What happened to providing for your woman, respecting your woman, loving your woman, protecting our women?” (courtesy of -@NoelGoesSoHard ). This got me thinking: whose fault is it that men aren’t providing, respecting, loving, and protecting the woman they want to be with? Sure we can blame it on music – rappers degrade women therefore brain washing younger men to believe that women worth anything more than sex. However we must remember as humans first and women second, that we all deserve to be loved and to love. However we have to have something worth loving. You must bring something to the table other than being a pretty face and a sexual fantasy for a guy and more importantly for yourself. We need to STOP supporting movies that do not provide strong positive message for young men. Parents, family, friends and society need to act like parents and teach their children male or female morals, values, how we should be treated and how we should treat other people. It takes a village to raise a child.

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