How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

In My Opinion

Death. The unstoppable force that’s never meets the immoveable object. It’s inevitable and you’re beyond naïve if you believe it will happen after living a long life of 80 years or more. What happens when death, at any age collects another victim? Death is never an easy pill to swallow but death in any form is message. It’s important to mourn a loss however it is also important to keep living life. Their life has ended but ours still continues and we need to continue our life while learning from those whose lives have ended. Having recently lost a student who was 14 years old, she had such a beautiful spirit always smiling and happy. At her funeral every picture, every testimony, every thought was of her being a happy, beautiful girl full of life and giving smiles to everyone. I realized it’s important to take smiles where ever you go for everyone there because that’s the least you can do in any situation. As I look back on her life, I’m left with one question: How do you want to be remembered?

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