Cancel Your Rep

In My Opinion

Imagine if people could hear your thoughts and your fears. What would be said about you? What would people assume? What if for one day your “representative” wasn’t allow to show up? Dont pretend that you dont have a rep – you know, that person that you pretend to be? The person that you have given up your orginality for.

If you are in my generation you probably wouldn’t make it a day without your rep. Why? Because we have become a generation that is stuck on what things appear to be instead of what they are. We as black people have forgotten that our history is based on hard work, not instant gratification. So we have traded in our right to be our authentic self to be…..

I say let’s get rid of our representive and be WHOEVER we are designed to be. This one change can help alleviate judgment because we will all realize how flawed we are.

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