Black is Undefeated.

Education & Career, In My Opinion

It is important to understand while we have to dig the image of being black from under the pile of dog shit it’s buried in, we can do so without degrading other ethnicities. People need to work together despite their ethnicity to better society.
We as black people got in the hole we are in because everyone thought it was ok to degrade black people to uplift themselves. We, along with every other ethnicity, have been suppressed by white people and now we have to dig ourselves out of the grave that was started by them but finished by us. We have been given this negative façade BUT it was continued and got to this extent because we let it. We were banned from getting a formal education during the slavery era. We aren’t banned now so why aren’t more black women and men getting an education? Money? I’m not rolling in bills but you have to sacrifice to what you want even if it means taking out over $100,000 in loans to get educated. People sacrificed their lives so we can eat what we want, live where we want, and now it’s like we are throwing it in their faces. They gave their lives for opportunity; let us take every opportunity possible to uplift the image of black. Black is strong. Black is persistent. Black is undefeated.

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