MJ: Dancing Machine

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This song has always been amazing, but a little video research unearths how many times Michael Jackson had to perform it, and how many different ways he could break it down. Check it out:

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  1. afortenberry Jun 25, 2010 · 10:48 am

    I’m only 19 so bare with me, I remember watching the MTV Video Music Awards in 2001. *Nsync had just preformed their song Pop and out comes Michael Jackson doing his dance and the crowd went crazy on the TV and at home. All I can think was: this man is AMAZING I’ve never seen a crowd more hype. If he could do that with one performance, imagine what change he can make for the WORLD and when he dies he’ll never be forgotten. It broke my heart when I heard MJ died a day before my high school graduation. Boy does time fly fast it seems like yesterday I was sitting on my bed crying watching the memorial service. He is the greatest of all time the good out weighs the bad. We love you MJ!

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